Medical Services

If you are not travelling with medical staff, we will assure a fast and on demand service with local medical centres when and if needed. 

In relation to the COVID-19 health emergency, we provide help and support regarding testing and/or extra requirements related to unforeseeable circumstances.


Thanks to some of our partners and sponsors, any missing equipment necessary for your training sessions can be easily and quickly delivered to us.

Recovery facilities

If you are in need of a more intense and effective recovery treatment, we also offer several spa services, from cold baths to saunas, steam rooms and more.

Leisure excursions

Want to discover one of Italy’s hidden gems but don’t know where to start? Leave the planning to us.


Verona is immersed in centuries of history, from the Roman age, all through the middle ages, to the Renaissance and the subsequent Venetian and Austrian rule. As you walk through the city’s streets, you lose yourself in the rich culture and tradition that bounces off of the beautiful monuments, theatres, museums, restaurants and cafes.. Not to mention the unforgettable culinary and wine experience Verona offers. 


Our job is to help you plan your days off in the city and ensure you get to experience all the beauty that Verona has to offer.