A room for every necessity. Our lodgings are equipped with all the amenities and services you may need to make you feel at home. 

We offer the opportunity to choose and customise your spaces according to personal preference and specific needs. From the private bedrooms to the therapy rooms, everything that will help you reach ultimate performance levels will be provided.


Modernly designed and taught-out for athletes comfort

Each bedroom will include a private bathroom and shower, along with ample closet space, a customised mattress and more.

Kitchen & Dining

Nutrition is fundamental to sports. A fully equipped kitchen is thought-out to ensure that all diets will be recognized and adhered to. All meals can be consumed in a shared dining room area. 

Media & Study

Our media rooms will be organised to ensure optimal conditions for game analyses. Our fibre optic cable speed and fast internet will guarantee high-quality and easy video analysis.

Specific study rooms will be dedicated to any student-athletes who require quiet, suitable conditions for studying.


Washrooms will be made available for all cleaning services and equipment, from washers & dryers to specific cleaning appliances. A dry cleaning service will also be offered for all personal/team attire. 


We know how important free time and mental rest is. Our lounging areas and common spaces are designed and decorated appropriately to ensure relaxation and recreation.

Therapy & treatment

Spaces will be dedicated to medical services, physiotherapy and recovery – all in collaboration with our sports science experts and partners.

Personal storage

Storage rooms will be provided for larger groups and longer sojourns. 

To avoid back & forth travel with heavy gear, we also offer the convenience of personal storage space at a yearly rate.